~ Member Profile ~


Birth Name: Park Min Jung

Stage Name: Minjung

Nickname: Sleepyhead

Birthday: February 3, 1990

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Education: Suwon University – Theatre

Facts: She was a former member of i-13

Twitter: http://twitter.com/zz900203


Birth Name: Lee Ji Eun

Stage Name: Jieun

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: October 23, 1987

Facts: She was former member of i-13 and Fin K.L.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/emilyeun0


Birth Name: Park Ga Jin

Stage Name: Gajin

Birthday: January 10, 1990

Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper

Education: Hanseo University

Facts: Former trainee of DSP Entertainment. She have had many interest from netizens because of her slightly boyish looks, just like f(x)’s Amber. She’s also the former member of i-13.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/gajin0110


Birth Name: Lee Jin Kyung

Stage Name: Jinkyung

Position: Vocalist

Facts: She was added to the group as the replacement of Minsun.


Birth Name: Joo Min Sun

Stage Name: Minsun

Birthday: January 25, 1987

Position: Vocalist

Facts: She made the group through an audition and was picked out from 200 people who auditioned.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/babyminsun