4minute Jihyun
Real name: Nam Ji-hyun (???)
DOB: January 9, 1990
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 167cm
Blood type: A
Education: Sangmyeong University, Dance Department (status unknown)
Specialities: Dancing, Ballet, English
Hobbies: Just dance
Position: Leader, vocal
Starred in drama It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (2010).
Starred in Lee Hyun’s You’re The Best of My Life music video (2011).



4minute Gayoon
Real name: Heo Ga-yoon (???)
DOB: May 8, 1990
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 165cm
Blood type: O
Education: Dongguk University, major in theatre (currently attending)
Specialities: Singing
Hobbies: Watching movies, writing lyrics
Position: Main vocal
Duet with Han Ye-ji in One Two Three, drama OST for Still, Marry Me (2010).
Featured in Sunny Side’s Bad Guy Good Girl (2010).
Featured in G20′s Let’s Go (2010).
Solo in Wind Blow, drama OST for My Princess (2011).



4minute Jiyoon
Real name: Jeon Ji-yoon (???)
DOB: October 15, 1990
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 165cm
Blood type: B
Education: Byeongjeom High School (graduated)
Specialities: Singing and dancing
Hobbies: Cooking, writing lyrics
Position: Main vocal
Featured in Woo Yi-kyung’s Look Only At Me (2009).
Featured in Lee Hyori’s Bring it Back (2010) with After School’s Bekah.



4minute Hyuna
Real name: Kim Hyun-ah (???)
DOB: June 6, 1992
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 164cm
Blood type: O
Education: Konkuk University, major in performing arts (currently attending)
Specialities: Rapping, poppin’, street dancing, singing
Hobbies: Cooking, customing clothes, watching movies, doing selcas
Position: Rapper
Former member of Wonder Girls.
Featured in AJ’s 2009 (2009).
Featured in Brave Brothers’ Bittersweet (2009) with Mabus, Red Roc, Basick & M.
Featured in MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah (2009).
Featured in 4Tomorrow project group (2009).
Starred in reality-variety show Invincible Youth (2009-2010).
Solo in Change (2010, feat. B2ST’s Junhyung).
Duet with T-Max in Love Parade (2010).
Solo in Outlaw in the Wild (2010, feat. Nassun).
Featured in G.NA’s Say You Love Me (2010).
Co-hosting variety show Remote Control (2011-present).



4minute Sohyun
Real name: Kwon So-hyun (???)
DOB: August 30, 1994
Height: 162cm
Blood type: B
Education: Pungmoon Girls’ High School (currently attending)
Specialities: Dancing, studying, Japanese
Hobbies: Pool
Position: Maknae, vocal
A child actress before 4minute’s group debut.

Credits: Yeinjee & Soompi